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Baking the Banana Bread; Putting Plans Into Action

action steps, first step to small business, solo-preneaurMy husband shares inspirational videos with me. This is one of the things that I love about him, he knows my heart. He knows where I am at today, and where I want to be tomorrow.

The subject of a recent video was a woman who loves to bake. Her specialty – banana bread.

She did not see the value in her unique and delicious recipe but her loved ones did. Her friends and family presented her with colorful labels and attractive bread wrappers and commanded, “Now go to work. Bake your bread.”

She baked her golden loaves and headed out to make cold calls one Friday afternoon. She was filled with anticipation of a display on the front counter of a local meat shop. The owner did not say no, but told her, “I hate to disappoint you. You are not going to sell banana bread in a butcher shop.” Determined, she placed a basket of sixty small loaves on a glass display shelf.

By Saturday afternoon the basket was empty.

Days later, the buzz question in the meat shop was, “When will the banana bread be available again?”

Today, the banana bread women does not bake a single loaf for the bread basket in the meat shop. She bakes 1000 loaves a day.

I have my head wrapped around a new business idea. The creativity wheels are turning. I was sitting at my desk at my full-time job when the chirp of a new text message caught my attention. It was my husband, “Gotta make the banana bread.” Sheer encouragement. Bam!

There is no giving up. The words I CAN NOT DO THIS are not an option. I, you, we, she, must make the banana bread. The support that I (or you) receive may not be cute labels and wrappers, but out of love, I am reminded to make the bread. I am reminding you to bake your bread!

When you want to give up, don’t give in, smell that bread!

Dreaming is not an action. Thinking is not doing. Taking steps that move me, and you, closer to our end goal, towards the vision that we have, is action.

Bake your banana bread!


2 thoughts on “Baking the Banana Bread; Putting Plans Into Action

  1. Ginger Moore says:

    So inspiring, Mary. It took me a while to get around to reading this and in grand God fashion, it was perfect timing when I needed it desperately. I’m measuring, mixing and baking! We can do this!

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