And Three Makes A Crowd

truck dog

When we say family business, we mean family.  Diesel makes three. He doesn’t really make a crowd, but I’ll tell you a bit about his ride with us.

A few days ago, a driver in a UPS truck rolled down his window as I walked past. I was startled when he yelled out, “I love your dog!” The conversation began. A bulldog rode with the driver for ten years. He said, “He was the best dog in the world, but the nastiest kind to ride within a truck.”

Oh, I so agree.

If you have a problem with gross descriptions, please skip this particular paragraph. I am going to be descriptive. I am not going to mince words. The boy farts. The boy snores. The boy drools after drinking water. The boy does other unmentionable things (not to me, but to my husband, whom we now have nick-named his right leg as Sea Biscuit – you figure it out!). He belches. He whines.

He never whined before he began riding with us. But, of course, he never got morsels of human food and he never quite had twenty-four hour, seven days a week constant contact. Now, he’s just plain bossy.

Is he fun to have around? Oh, you betcha’. He is a joy. A laugh a minute.

I totally enjoy walking with him. We exercise together. There’s a plus!

You know, I rather enjoy spoiling him. He’s all ours! What more can I say?

guard dog asleep

P.S. We have experienced quite a few funny moments together – which I plan to write about later, but here’s a good one for now. While checking out of a trucking lot at a guard gate, a dog sitting in a semi driver’s lap on the other side of the guardhouse noticed Diesel sitting in my husband’s lap. Barking commenced. Both driver’s (and I) laughed hysterically, so did the guards. The dogs were handed biscuits simultaneously from the guard windows for this entertaining moment. It’s a small world – life is short – enjoy every moment!


3 thoughts on “And Three Makes A Crowd

  1. Ginger Moore says:

    LOVE IT! Diesel is such a delightful character…much like his mama and daddy! And now I have the song “We Are Family” playing in my head *tehehee* Enjoy that wrinkly, smoosh-faced baby!

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